Welcome to predatorgraphix. All of the designs used in our graphics and wraps are created in house, and printed on an air release vinyl, and laminated with a clear gloss film for durability. We offer side wraps and cut vinyl graphics for late models, IMCA modifieds, stock body racecars, as well as legends/dwarf and sprint cars. Like something you see on the following pages...let us know so we can make it happen on your car.

Welcome to the home of Predatorgraphix. Where racers can have a performance look at affordable prices. We now offer custom printed wraps. Our wraps are printed on an "air release" vinyl and laminated with a gloss clear vinyl for durablility. The wrap can also have fluorescent and/or holographic overlays. You will find our wraps very cost effective produced with quality products and prompt service.

All of the packages are custom cut or printed, and you will be emailed a drawing of the exact package for inspection. If you have a clear full side photo of your car the package can be overlayed on the photo for your final Ok before any cutting begins. (no photo,  I have generic line drawings of race cars to send via email.) My packages are sold on eBay.

Once a design choice is made  an invoice from paypal is sent, or a customer specific EBAY  "buy it now" auction will be setup to cover your particular application. This gives you the buyer all of the protections of Paypal for your online purchases.

My basic two color numbers, driver names, and special thanks package starts at $75. plus shipping. That package will include large numbers for doors, roof, small numbers for nose, tail, plus drivers names. USPS Priority mail from Louisville, KY varies from $8-$25 depending on your zip code and weight of package. The basic package can include any 2 standard colors in any combination (red, yellow, (3) blues, green, black, white, silver gray, teal, and purple)

My basic two color fluorescent and holographic vinyl packages start at $120 and include numbers for doors, roof, nose, tail, and drivers names.  Included in the choices: one fluoresent color, and one standard or holographic color.

  • All packages can be adjusted to fit the type of race car you drive.

     Email predatorgraphix@yahoo.com for more information.